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Creative & Effective Child Centered Art & Play Therapy

"The years of childhood pass all too quickly and become the foundation upon which the rest of life depends".

All children & young people deserve to have someone to talk to in times of stress.

I offer children & young people a safe place to express fears and concerns, giving them the opportunity to work out strategies to help them cope and begin to feel better.

Support with: Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, family break-up, bereavement & loss, bullying, school refusal, behavioural issues, abuse, trauma, eating disorders, OCD, ADHD, self harm and substance abuse, are just a few examples of what children and young person may be facing in their day to day lives, on top of all the other pressures of physical, neurological and psychological change they experience as they grow up.

Children & Young people often show their distress in their outward behaviour. Sometimes they do not feel confident to talk, or they are too young to explain in words. For younger children I can provide therapeutic art & play to help them work through their issues in a safe and child friendly way. Children instinctively know how to work through conflicts and traumas by using play and creativity. I can help to facilitate this process for young children in their counselling sessions and offer guidance and support to parents so they can continue to support their children at home.

No problem is too small or too big. Contact Edward to talk things through & arrange an initial session on 07792187304 or email.

Parent/Child Therapies

You may need support with parenting or your child or teenager may be struggling with loss, trauma or behavioural problems and could benefit from having a safe therapeutic space to work through their issues.
Parents/carers of children and young people can benefit from support when things become difficult with children's behaviour or mood. I can help parents by advising how to manage children's issues at home and by helping them to understand what makes young people tick by informing them of the latest research in child development and neuroscience. Together we can work towards helping children to become happier so they are able to reach their full potential.

If appropriate I can offer Attachment Focused Therapy to parents/carers, who may be struggling to build a positive bond with their child. The focus of the work is the relationship between the parent/carer and child. I am trained to help parents and children to build on their relationships and reconnect if relationships have broken down. I can provide a non judgmental approach to help you get back on track to being the great parents they truly are. AFT is a therapeutic intervention which combines well researched methods of attachment theory, trauma recovery models, creative arts therapies and play therapy techniques in order to encourage growth and change in the relationship between the parent and child.

I have specialist knowledge working with children and young people as both a Primary & Secondary School Counsellor in both the private & public sectors. I work as a children’s group facilitator for the charity Compassion (addressing domestic abuse). I am also an approved Adoption Counsellor through LINK Barnardo's.

Although I offer young clients confidentiality, I make sure they are aware of the limits to this if a child protection issue is disclosed. I am a registered member of the BACP (Codes of Practice). I am careful to work closely with parents, carers and other agencies to ensure child protection procedures are followed and children are kept safe. I attend regular Child Safe Guarding and I am CAF Trained.
I am fully insured, am on DBS register and I attend regular personal supervision with an accredited child & young person therapist/supervisor to ensure effective and ethical practice.


You will not be expected to do or say anything you don’t want to.

Your views and feelings will be respected.

We will respect each other & will not hurt each other.



How will therapy help my child ?
As a counselling therapist I am trained to notice regular themes occurring in your child/teenagers sense of them ‘self’ which will helps me to assess their state of mind and ability to cope. I will also encourage them to participate in activities which will strengthen their inner self and help build up coping strategies.

How will Play & Creative Therapy help my child?
Play is universally important to the natural development and wholeness of a child. Just as the body heals from physical injury, the child has an emotional system that can be self-healing as well. Therapeutic play allows the child’s innate self-healing abilities to be activated, supporting the child’s growth and development on an emotional and psychological level. When children play with toys in ways that are similar to difficult situations or traumatic events that they have experienced in their lives, this symbolic expression is therapeutic in itself and can bring about positive changes within the child.

What should I say to my child before they start therapy?
It is really useful to explain to the child/teenager why they are coming to therapy. As their counsellor I am interested in their perception of their world. I will tell the child that they are here to look at feelings and to play, paint and talk about things, to help them manage these feelings.

How many sessions will my child need?
Initially your child will be offered 12 therapeutic sessions. Each session lasts for 50 minutes. This may be enough but if it is not this at be discussed as we go along and ongoing therapy is available. Attending regularly and on time is an important part of the therapy and helps to make your child/teenager feel safe. This is why therapy is held at the same time each week if possible.

Can I get help and support too?
If you need help and support please contact me, and I will be able to signpost you to where you can get the help you may feel you need when supporting your child through this process.

What if my child seems unhappy after a session?
After the counselling session, your child/teenager may seem sad, angry, frustrated or tired. This is because they may have accessed raw inner feelings which they are just learning to understand. Please be kind and patient at this time and avoid asking questions as your child may be feeling vulnerable.

How will information be shared about my child’s needs?
The counselling is confidential and content of sessions is not discussed unless there is a child protection issue. However your child is free to tell you about the session if he/she wants to and I will keep you updated on how the therapy is progressing and of anything that might help the child/teenager progress in everyday life.


Working in Schools & Colleges

As an experienced School & College counsellor and attachment focused psychotherapist can offer interventions directly to schools, tailored around your needs and the needs of your pupils (Aged 5-19)......

Individual psychotherapy (short and long term)
Therapeutic groups
Work with parents / carers
Work with staff groups (including work discussion seminars)
Assessments and reports

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Help & Advice on Issues Affecting Children & Young People

"It is the need of every single one of us, child or grown up to feel wanted, to feel we belong and that we matter in the world" M.Morpurgo

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