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ONLINE or PHONE Sessions; Please call 07792 187304 or email Edward to talk through what you are looking for, or to book an initial appointment?

All enquires are treated as confidential.

If I am not available to talk, please leave a message, with your number, on my confidential 24 hour answer phone and I will call you back as soon as I am free (usually within a maximum 24 hours)

During this time of uncertainty it is essential that we all care for our mental health and have access to the support we need. Choose from Zoom link, Whatsapp video , Skype video or by phone. Which ever feels more comfortable for you I am here to help. I will also support you to make sure all your sessions are completely confidential where ever you are.
Please contact Edward to discuss your needs.

Morning, daytime or evening Online or Telephone appointments available

(Monday -Friday 9am to 9pm).


Individual Online or Phone Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy

Initial Assessment (60-75 minutes) £55

Individual Weekly Counselling (50 minutes)
Fee £65- £50 Sliding Scale.

Online Relationship/ Couples Therapy

Initial Assessment (90 minutes) £70

Weekly Sessions(75 minutes) £65

I will also be offering a reduced fee to those who are affected financially by coronavirus. This could be due to childcare issues, small businesses suffering or employees who lose work or hours at this time.

Individual Online or Telephone Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy

*Sliding Scale fee depending on your situation.

Adults £30 -£45

Young Person (16 -19) £25 - £35

Online Relationship/ Couples Therapy

Couple/Relationship £45 - £60

Stressed Parental Support £30 - £55

No problem or issue is too small or too big!

If I am not available to talk, please leave a message, with your number, on my confidential 24 hour answer phone, or you can email me with your contact details and I will call or email you back, as soon as I receive the message.

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Counselling Bury St Edmunds, Psychotherapy Sudbury, Counsellor for Suffolk/North Essex

FEES. sun shining through
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