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Nature Based Therapy & Nature Connection Sessions

Most of us feel better when we have spent time in the great outdoors. The restorative effects of a long hike with the dog, relaxing on a beach or simply spending time in the garden or local park leaves us feeling calmer, more content and refreshed.
At Wild Wellbeing we take this a step further by supporting our clients to engage in the natural world in holistic, meaningful and healing ways using a proven and carefully crafted model of practice called the NatureWell Approach developed by Natural Academy
NatureWell is an integrative nature and health approach, helping people and communities connect to nature for their health and wellbeing. It can help local groups connect to natural spaces in order to develop healthy communities and care for those natural spaces. It also helps those who are living with challenges to their health and wellbeing such as physical illness, work related stress and mental health related issues.

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Walking & Talking Therapy

Walking and talking therapy brings all the benefits of a normal therapy session with the added advantage of being out in nature. We carefully select local natural spaces which offer peace and quiet as well as the beauty of the natural world.

As an experienced psychotherapist, I have found being able to work outside during the present pandemic has supported a number clients who found online communication difficult. The same therapeutic boundaries & code of ethics that apply when working face to face in a room continue in my work outside in nature.

I am currently on the 2nd year of a 2 year Accredited Diploma Level 4 Advanced Pathway in Eco Psychology and Nature Based Practice.
I am also a member of Nature & Health Practitioners Network


Nature Connection Sessions

In these sessions we use the NatureWell Approach to help individuals engage with nature for their health and wellbeing. This gentle approach is suitable for most people wanting a more meaningful and intimate relationship with the natural world and provides participants with activities and skills they can use in their everyday lives to support wellness. This approach is proven to help support and maintain wellbeing for those that partake and in turn this supports people to care more for the natural world they feel held and healed by nature.

Group Workshops

I run Group Workshops with my wife & colleague Nicola Harbridge.


Our Nature Connection workshops provide groups with a fulfilling and healing experience which benefits individuals, communities and the natural world. Each workshop uses the NatureWell Approach which supports the group to engage with nature through the Five Pathways of Connection, Beauty, Emotion, Compassion & Meaning.

For more details and to discuss your needs please email us at [email protected]

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